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Q: How much is the rental?
A: Our pricing is already listed in the main menu, between “Photos” and “More Info”.


Q: What is included in the price?
A: The use of the barn, the outside, and the house (for the bride, bridesmaids, and mothers of the bride and groom to get ready in), all tables and chairs that are needed (both for the reception inside and for an outside ceremony should you choose to have it), all kinds of decorations too numerous and varied to list, a wireless microphone and a small amp/speaker for the ceremony, two arbors to choose from, ice boxes for drinks (you provide the ice), etc.


Q: Is the second floor of the barn wheelchair accessible?
A: Yes, we have a wheelchair ramp.


Q: Can we have a DJ?
A: Yes. Inside the barn only; loud music can’t be played outside.


Q: Do you have on site restrooms for guests?
A: Yes, one wheel chair accessible and one regular.


Q: Do you have on site parking?
A: Yes.


Q: Can you extend the time past 10pm?
10pm is actually the time when music has to stop. Your guests have until 11pm to leave and you have until midnight for tear down (putting things back in their place if you’ve moved them; we do the cleaning ourselves). According to our permit we can not extend that time.


Q: What is the maximum capacity for a seated dinner?
150 people.


Q: Can we have more than 150 people?
No. According to our permit we’re not allowed to have more than 150 people in the barn.


Q: Can we have more than 150 people if we rent a tent and have them stay out of the barn?
No – there would be no way to limit the number of people who would go into the barn to 150.


Q: What is your catering policy?
We don’t have a preferred list, so any licensed insured caterer of your choice is fine by us. If you need help finding one we can give you a list of some who already catered at Rubies and Rust barn.

When asking caterers for a quote make sure to mention that we don’t take a percentage, that way they will be able to give you a lower price.


Q: What is your alcohol policy?
A: We allow beer and wine. If you are having alcohol you’ll have to hire a bartender.


Q: Can we have a cash bar?
A: No, we do not allow any sales of anything on our property.


Q: Are there any additional costs?
A: You are required to take out event (wedding) liability insurance for $1 million coverage. You can get it online for about $125 (for 150 guests; if you have less the price is lower). We can give you links if you need them.


Q: Do you allow animals, I’d really like our pet to be a part of our ceremony?
A: If you can have someone bring your pets right before the ceremony and take them away right after then the answer is yes, but we don’t allow pets to stay present at other times.